A Healthier, Green Approach to Signage

Here at RiverWorks, our green goals are high and evolving. We bring our own sustainable living values to the workplace. Implementing sustainability initiatives when we learn something new, enables us to grow more socially and environmentally responsible.

While our main product offerings are traditional signage products, many of our products were chosen for their earth-friendly values. Typically, it costs much more to choose the eco-friendly option, but we still believe it’s the right thing to do. So for now, we’ve reduced our profit on many of these materials to make it more affordable for our customers to green their business or home.  It is important to us to help people help the planet and make their business more sustainable, both environmentally and financially.

As more people become informed on how they can be the difference that moves the world forward in the right direction, more earth-friendly medias will become mainstream and their price reduced. In the past few years we have seen a great leap forward in this arena. There are some great new sustainable products out there that we are pleased to offer, from Bio-medias to petroleum-free adhesive-backed vinyls. We will continue to research new and developing technologies that will be coming to the market in the future. We know there will be many great things to come.

Our commitment to our environment is greater than just offering earth-friendly products. We recycle everything we can from office and large-format print papers to ink cartridges and batteries.  We work with a local recycling facility to recycle much of our waste, including many items that were previously not recyclable or too expensive to recycle. We are also committed to supporting our local communities. We donate both materials and services to local non-profits and extra materials to local schools for their art programs or to be re-purposed into something else. Our shop procedures are constantly refined to increase sustainability. We conserve print materials by getting the most efficient media use possible when printing, laminating or cutting.

To help support our natural resource consumption, we will be adding solar power to our facility and will be investing in other renewable energy. These are just a few of the ways we’re doing our part and we always look for new ways to lighten our footprint.

RiverWorks Printing Green Business Evaluation by the Green AllianceSee our Report Card from the Green Alliance detailing how we incorporate a healthier approach into our business model.