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Fish Skins And Installs

This spring, we traveled to Western Connecticut to install some vehicle graphics, for Marla Blair, fly-fishing guide extraordinaire. She purchased a new Honda Element used for guiding, and needed some new branding. Of course, we saw this as a great opportunity to do our own fishing while we were in the neighborhood of the beautiful Farmington River, so we quickly volunteered to install on-site.

Marla loves our custom “fish skins” designs. We have a growing catalog of different fish pattern designs that we create here, in New Hampshire. For the non-fishing types, fish are actually quite beautiful! Using the natural patterns and markings on their scales, we have designed fish skin prints that we use on a variety of products.

For Marla’s project, the Brook Trout skin was the final choice. We designed the “skin” files to fit on the lower portion of the vehicle, known as a mud runner. We then overlaid Marla’s cut vinyl logo. Her logo is a vivid bright green, but we stayed away from green fluorescent vinyl, as it would not last nearly as long as regular high performance vinyl. Vehicle graphics have it pretty rough, between the damaging UV rays and sand blast effect of road sand and dirt. Premium materials need to be used in order to survive traveling on the road.



Fine tuning the wheel wells


Client photos

Marla also added photos of some of her clients, who she has guided over the years. We created them as individual decals, so she can easily update them in the future.

As we were finishing up the install, a crowd of fly-fishers gathered to watch, as they were coming off the water. What a conversation starter! Everyone enjoyed watching the process and loved the design. The final results were fantastic and a fun time was had by all!




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