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Keepin’ It Simple

The old adage of keep it simple, is a good mantra for many.  Simplicity can cut right through to the point, keep you on task. We recently got to play our part in keeping it simple with one of our clients.   In contrast to some of the other vehicle lettering jobs we handle, Jim Piper of Green Velvet Landscape was looking to have only his logo put on his truck.  Jim has worked with his established client base for over 40 years and was just looking for a vehicle identifier.

The Green Velvet Landscape logo is, in itself a simple, clean logo; a beautiful balsam branch with simple type. We scanned it in from an old print and cleaned it up. Creating a graphic that will be contour cut out of solid vinyl is a bit different from a digitally printed piece. There is more work needed to clean up all the stray points that show themselves in a scanned image. The lines need to be neat and clean before cutting the vinyl.

We picked a metallic silver vinyl for the graphic, as it has a nice eye-catching quality to it, without being too bright. The metallic on metallic added an extra aspect of visual interest and worked superbly well with the existing truck color. A decal on the smaller side was requested, so we opted to install the graphic on the rear cab doors, for a much better fit. After I was finished with the install, I stepped back and admired how lovely it looked in its simplicity.  Jim is completely loving it!  (And so are we!)

Green Velvet Landscape

Green Velvet Landscape





  1. 5-22-2013

    Simple, soft and elegant. Great job! Hope he washed the rest of his truck after!!

  2. 5-22-2013

    awesome job! that is beautiful. Simplicity at its best

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