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Find Inspiration…In Your Bathroom?
Eco-friendly wall graphics

Eco-friendly wall graphics

Another little nifty design solution!

A client came to us looking for help with a design for their master bathroom. They wanted to put something with color in a recessed wall next to their soaking tub. Knowing our client was a photographer on the side, we suggested they choose one of their own photos that they found inspiring. After all, they would be looking at it daily! They sent us a beautiful waterfall photo they took while traveling in Oregon. We re-sized and cropped the file to the necessary dimensions and printed it on our very popular Phototex™ material. Phototex™ is an eco-friendly, fabric-based material that can be reapplied many times. It is a top seller for wall graphics and murals and works well around curves too! Because it is a woven material, our clients can easily install it with their very own hands and with no bubbles!

Another nice thing about the graphic is the client can simply peel it off when they want to change it out.  The patented adhesive will not leave behind residue or damage the paint. So, the wall is ready for a new graphic, just like that!  Easy. The old graphic can be moved to a new location to be enjoyed further. What a nice way to re-purpose!

Do you have any photos you would love to see on your walls? Not to worry if you don’t, we offer many photos, from our in-house photographers, to choose from. Or we can design some pretty typography for you. Let us help you make your home a little more happy, a little more inspiring!

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