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Magnetic Fridge Wrap

Part of what makes our job here so wonderful, fun and rewarding, is being able to create custom products and design solutions.


fridge magnetic wrap

In our latest creation session, we took on updating an old garage refrigerator. The fridge had previously held a nice array of old license plates and, of course, looked great in the garage. The appliance still had lots of life left and was moving on to a new home. It needed a re-design to fit into its new space. All the license plates were removed, leaving behind a surface littered with screw holes. This posed a challenge for traditional vinyl wrap materials, as the screw holes would be highly visible on the conformable vinyl. The holes would need to be filled in and sanded over to go this route. So, we opted for magnetics.  They are rigid enough to hide all the screw hole imperfections, leaving a nice smooth finish. Our clients wanted to paint the fridge gray to match their kitchen. So, after the fresh coat of gray paint was fully cured, we applied the magnetic pieces.  We chose a beach shell photo to compliment their cottage style decor. The prints are laminated with a matte, clear vinyl to allow visibility from all angles and to give it a nice modern look.  Our clients were thrilled to have such an eye pleasing addition to their space!


Common, everyday appliances offer great spaces to add personal style. Magnetics are great for metal fridges and dishwashers. We also offer vinyl graphics; either a full print or a simple decal. Cut vinyl graphics have a great look and are easy to apply. They work well on most surfaces and are a great option for stainless steel. We look forward to helping our next client create their perfect decor pieces!


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