Posted on Feb 21, 2013 in Portfolio

Alternate Transit Advertising

Alternate Transit Advertising has been raising money for transit systems throughout New England for 20 years! We are honored to handle much of their printing. We work closely with ATA to aid in creating a smooth flow from obtaining proper print files to the end install. It is a work in progress as we receive files from multitudes of national creative agencies that build the artwork for the advertisers. Each creative agency operates and creates in a different manner. It’s up to us to educate the agencies for efficient work flow.

The bus vinyl we use is, in of itself, not a sustainable product. How we make this work is following strict shop production techniques that enable our work to be supported, in a sustainable way. In short, how we use, produce, dispose or recycle the media, is creating a minimal footprint. This goes the same for any job.

Some of our other products we produce for ATA are more sustainable. Our shelter posters are recyclable via your local transfer station. The plastic for the interior bus signs is recyclable at Poly Recovery in Portsmouth, NH. This blended plastic needs to go into a special recycling process, so most city stations won’t take it.